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BSU alumni, Carnival cruise, and Moving on…

by amsavage
Hello everyone! This is my final blog as a Ball State student (I can say that because they haven’t mailed my official diploma yet)! Four years h...

Spring, kid funnies, Recognition, Rock of Ages, etc. :)

by amsavage
Hey all! Only one more week until graduation… I’m counting down the days and wandering where they’re going all at the same time! The...

Late Night Carnival, Power Soccer Tourney, etc…

by amsavage
Hi everybody! It has been the craziest couple of weeks, but I have some exciting news! I finished my final showcase for my student teaching, and I onl...


Man, That Went Fast

by hrlambright
So, this is it. This is my last blog post for Ball State. I graduated. So, what does this mean? Well, it means my four years at Ball State are over...

Rockin’ the Night Away

by hrlambright
Q:  What university brought in which traveling production of an award-winning musical that had a major motion picture production come out last summer...

A Little Friendly Competition

by hrlambright
If you’ve been on a Ball State tour, you’ve probably heard that one residence hall is better than another. While I beg to differ, this pas...


Back in the States

by Michelle
Yes, it’s hard to believe, but I’m back in the US. My time in Ireland went by so fast… it really doesn’t feel like I was there for nearly two ...

I spent the morning in a jail!

by Michelle
But don’t worry, I didn’t get arrested or anything. Today, my last Sunday in Ireland, I went to Kilmainham Gaol, a prison-turned-museum th...

The Aran Islands Adventure

by Michelle
Another week, another trip to a different part of Ireland! This weekend, I went to Galway and the Aran Islands with one of my roommates and a few of t...


The end of an era

by sephinney
I’m entering my last week as a student at Ball State. It feels surreal. I’ve had the identity of a student for 17 years and in a week I’ll be a ...

The value of student media

by sephinney
Spring is “awards season” in journalism. National and statewide awards are announced. The past two weeks, I’ve attended the Indiana Associated P...

The Ball State Network

by sephinney
If you read my blog regularly, you know that I am a telecommunications and journalism student who is currently searching for a TV reporting job. The f...


The Last Hurrah

by tavu
Two Monday’s ago I started my senior and last year of undergraduate study. Can I just say, Everyday of school I’ve thought about the fact ...

Every time I think I’ve failed, I don’t.

by tavu
I recently heard back from the last place I applied for a summer internship at and unfortunately didn’t get a summer position. However, a profes...

The Best Day of the Year

by tavu
Last Saturday I volunteered at my third annual Science Day which is put on by one of my favorite organizations on-campus, SAACS (or “Chemistry C...